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Tapping is a profoundly lighthearted method of dealing with emotional, psychological and physical issues such as:

  • fear
  • grief
  • traumas
  • pain
  • depression
  • worry
  • addictions      
  • guilt
  • sadness
  • feeling scattered
  • procrastination           
  • destructive life patterns
  • low self-esteem          
  • performance anxiety
  • anxiety
  • family problems
  • stress
  • fear of flying, etc


Tapping is a self-healing method and supports in dissolving:  phobias, self-doubt, traumas, pain, depression, addictions, fears of all kinds, self-destructive patterns, grief, stage fright, panik, negative self-image, stress, burn-out, family problems, worries, etc.

With Tapping you can achieve wonderful results in an easy and effective way – even children can learn and apply this method.

Its roots are found in Gestalttherapy by Fritz & Laura Perls, based on Roger Callahans Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques by Gary Craig.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using our Meridian Channels (through which our life-energy flows, and which have been scientifically proven in the 80s) for over 5000 years.  All over the world acupuncture is now a respected and effective method to relieve physical pain.  In Germany health insurance covers acupuncture treatments as a regular and effective treatment method.  Numerous empirical studies have been conducted in the last 30 years, proving that Meridian Channels and their correlation with our organs also effect our emotions.

In Energetic Psychology we have learned that negative, blocking emotions are a result of a blockage in the Meridian System. Now with Tapping no needles are required.  Specific Meridian points relate to specific emotions.  While tapping these points and implementing traditional elements of Gestalttherapy the energy flow in the Meridians is reinforced and thereby the negative emotion dissolves.  In Germany Tapping is already an officially accepted alterntive method by the National Chamber of Psychotherapists.

Above all Tapping serves self-knowledge, expansion of consciousness and development of personality.








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