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As the name already implies, we are working with the physical life-energy, the ethereal energy state of a living being.  Slovenic medic Dr. Zdenko Domancic – who developed this method – has been successfully treating patients for the past 35 years for many physical ailments.  Here you can get more information about him and the method:

In July 2011 I went to one of his seminars to learn this method, since often psychological challenges are accompanied by physical symptoms.
Prerequisite for this treatment is, that you are already seeing a physician regarding your physical ailment and that you explicitly follow his instructions.

What happens in a Bioenergy-Treatment?
Just as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bioenergy assumes that the life-energy called Chi balances all body functions (organs, blood, bones, skin).  If there is too much or too little energy in parts of that system, the body is not in balance and emotional or physical discomfort appears.
Energy can and does exchange between all material forms of being.  We all know the clearly visible and sensible effect of this energy exchange when taking an ice-cube in our hands.  The thermal energy that our body emanates causes the water molecules to get into motion, the ice melts and changes its´form.  In return the ice transmits cooling energy to our hand, the energy in our skin and blood flows more slowly, the hand cools off. 
Thus it is a natural aspiration in all processes to create an equilibrium – a balance.

Another example of energy exchange is, when an angry person enters a room, in which previously there had been a friendly conversation going on.  All of a sudden there is a shift, some turn gloomy, others erect a protective wall around them, and others may connect to that anger or try to calm it down.  They are not directly associated with the cause of this anger, but still the energy of the angry person transmits onto the others.

In the opposite case:  a child falls down, runs crying and hurt to his mother and the mother takes it in his arms until the child calms down again.  Shortly afterwards the child frees itself from its mothers arms and runs back to play.  It recharged its energy from the mother and got its inner balance back.

Over a period of many years Dr. med. Domancic has done scientific studies and established treatment sequences that provided astonishing results in almost any physical diagnostic findings.

Treatment with Domancic Method is done over a period of four days consecutively at approximately the same time each day.  It usually takes between 20-30 min.  Depending on the severity and intensity of the ailment more than one of these sequences might be necessary.

A consultation about the treatment and whether it is advisable in your individual case is complimentary.
For an appointment please contact me via e-mail:   We can then set up a specific time when I will call you, so there is no calling fee for you involved.  This treatment is solely done in my practice.

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