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The Subconscious at Work

BSFF is based on the theory that your subconscious mind is your faithful servant. It does whatever you tell it to do. And what you are going to tell it is to use a simple cue word, of your choosing, to eliminate all of the roots of whatever problems you treat.

The technique was developed by Larry P. Nims, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who became fascinated with the whole field of Energy Psychology.  He learned Thought Field Therapy from pioneer of Energy Psychology methods Dr. Roger Callahan. Larry began to develop a more functional theory of the underlying mechanisms behind the results of such methods.

The fruit of Larry’s efforts is Be Set Free Fast, a remarkably effective method for releasing a long list of emotional blocks as well as the emotional roots of any physical discomforts.
I have been applying this technique on myself and with my clients since 2006, and I have been amazed at the results, especially since it is so easy to use.   BSFF can be practiced in any situation and the feedback of my clients usually is that the simplicity of the technique is truly wonderful.

The installation of the BSFF program takes about 20 min. and within the first treatment session we work on general belief patterns so that the clients gets a feel of how to successfully work with BSFF on their own.

This can easily be done on the phone, so you donīt even have to come into my practice to get access to this wonderful self-help tool that can effectively support you in self-determination on deleting old programs that are no longer useful to you.

For an appointment please contact me via e-mail:   We can then set up a specific time when I will call you, so there is no calling fee for you involved.  This treatment is also well-suited for  telephone consultations.

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