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I specialized in:  fear, panic-attacks and depression, anxiety, hopelessness and lack of self-esteem, stress and burn-out.  In this field I have supported many clients to extremely successful results.  You can find testimonials about these here.

If you donīt already have basic knowledge of the tapping technique you can find the tapping points and the tapping succession here.  The points are lightly tapped 7-10 times with one or two fingers at the marked spots.

Many areas of distress can – with a bit of practice – be dissolved in self-treatment.  With deeper emotional trauma often our sub-conscious protects us from going further and a counselors Assistence is neccessary.  This makes sense insofar as you would have to fulfill both roles, the consultant and the client.  This could be in itself a confusing constellation.  With less deeply located concerns or to complement other therapeutic treatments Tapping is an ideal self-help tool and can lead to break-throgh results.

Iris Mutschler-Austere

Life- & Business-Coach
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C/ Ramon y Cajal 13, 2° Isq.
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Iris Austere || Life- & Business-Coach  || :: Design your Life ::
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