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Advanced Education for Therapists and Coaches

The various seminars that I´m giving at a German University are proof that zeitgeist is making its´way even to traditional medically trained specialists and allows for integration of alternative methods in existing therapy applications.  Energetic techniques offer an optimal extension of well-tried practices and allow for creative solutions to aid a patient/client to reach emotional freedom.

The day seminars are designed to lead from self-appliance to pair work and finally to working with a client/patient.  In this case it is mandatory that after Module I practical appliance through self-application is exercised in order to gain the necessary experience for Module II. The easy to apply method makes it possible after the coaching to continue the process without outside intervention.

Week-end or two-day seminars allow a more intensive application and offer a more varied range to apply this technique in variable case studies, as well as discussion thereof.  Here Module I and Module II are combined.


Module I

Introduction to the MET-Tapping Technique

In this one-day introductory module the mode of functioning and procedure of the tapping technique the following will be learned:

    - background of Meridian Energy Techniques
    - mode of functioning
    - demonstration and teaching of the technique
    - individual application of the technique
    - compilation of specific in-house topics
    - collective dissolving of topics of conflict

Module II

of the MET-Tapping Technique – Indroduction to working with patients/clients

    - „although“ sentences
    - choices
    - forgiving
    - storages
    - belief-sentences
    - questions
    - emphasize or yell
    - humour
    - collarbone breathing technique

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