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A Matrix Energetics Treatment takes place on many levels, is far-reaching and can be integrated in any area of your life.  Dr. Richard Bartlett (Chiropractor and Natural Healer) originally developed this technique for physical well-being.
The basis is that lifesī principles are such that we either attract or reject things – according to the law of attraction, resp. “morphogenetic resonance”.
The foundation is that each person has their own matrix (energetic field), in which all information for a healthy, harmonious and successful life is stored.
During treatment blocking energies and programs that occurred during life experiences are neutralized and transformed so that the natural healthy original state is being recovered.
The attraction of outer resonance is automatically changed by changing the resonance field.
Harmonization of your own resonance field automatically attracts recovery of the original matrix.  These processes take place in the fifth dimension.  A dimension that so far had only been recognized philosophically, that we now however – thanks to quantum physics – allow proper attention.

Our reality, what is familiar and common to us, takes place in the third dimension.  The energy vibration in the third dimension is more compressed, coarser and sluggish;  so far it has been the only “true” reality for us, which presents itself as matter.  The fourth dimension embraces all thought, emotion, feelings, words, belief systems, convictions, etc. that have ever been thought, felt or expressed by a person.  This dimension is also called astral world or morphogenetic field.
Since a matrix is an interactive energy field, vibrations of a similar matrix resonate with it (like attracts like), resp. are assimilated from personal surroundings by education or social ideas as programs, convictions or belief patterns.
These programs on principle operate without control or influence of our conscious intelligence.  This can go so far as the successful outcome of a project or intended action can be sabotaged.

The treatment takes place on a nonphysical level in the fifth dimension where the vibrations of the matrix of the coach interacts with the vibrations of the client.  Often the results are not immediately perceptible but in a delayed fashion you will notice how your consciousness, judgments, viewpoints or concepts have changed.  This leads to an updated decision process in the hear and now, free from old binding programs.

For an appointment please contact me via e-mail:   We can then set up a specific time when I will call you, so there is no calling fee for you involved.  This treatment is also well-suited for  telephone consultations.

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