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Experience shows that even the best in-house communication is not sufficient to provide emotional stability and with it stable high-performance rates.  Distracting and counter productive issues keep coming up over and over – even in different disguises.

Stress, envy, anger and fears of every kind result in self-doubt and insecurities.  All this leads to inefficiency which directly influences your company.

Especially in nursing staff often are exposed to time pressure, strenuous physical demands and difficult patients.  Coupled with competition, anger, fear of losing ones job and there goes the productivity.  Not to speak of liking what you do, feeling you´re at the right place and bringing a healthy attitude to work.

On the other hand, happy people achieve best results, are more flexible and give their all.  Productivity is dependant on whether the employees are emotionally free or not.

With MET Meridian Energy Techniques you can – often within minutes – dissolve emotionally demanding topics efficiently and permanently.  And this applies to a team, an individual or in your daily handling of patients.

German health care already accepts acupuncture with needles as a reliable tool.  The knowledge of Meridians and their correlation with all of our organs which in turn are connected with our emotions has been proven in numerous empirical studies in the last 30 years.

The next step in this development was transporting it to psychotherapy, I myself am teaching this method at a German University to Therapists, doctors and nurses.  Already many sports coaches have adapted this method – again, I also teach it to Golfers to support mental clearness and focus.

From there it was transported to business-coaching and is one of the most developed new coaching techniques. Be a revolutionary in employee management and gain from higher productivity, more personal input and a happy business environment that spreads to clients and customers!

MET Seminars and Workshops

Below is a selection of MET Seminars and workshops that I offer in nursing facilities.  Of course I will tailor a seminar concept to your specified needs where contents, number of participants, hours etc. are deciding factors.

Module I

MET-Tapping Technique

In this one-day introductory module the mode of functioning and the sequence of the tapping technique is being conveyed:

    - background of the MET-Tapping Technique
    - mode of functioning
    - demonstration and teaching of the technique
    - individual application of the technique
    - compilation of specific in-house topics
    - collective dissolving of topics of conflict

You and your staff not only receive theoretical knowledge, but already during training the specific topics of your enterprise are being discussed and dissolved on the spot.  The easy application of tapping allows each participant to keep working on their individual challenges independantly, without the neccessity of outside intervention.

The following mudules are each individually designed to fill the specific needs of your company.

Module II

Deepening and supplementary variables of the technique, as well as developing goals.   Sensible and effective introduction of choices and goals.

Module II a

Alternatively individual coachings for specific in-house challenges.  This is a very effective way to eliminate emotional obstacles and clear the way for growth in your company.

Diversity and adjustment to constantly changing economic demands require attention not only in organisation, logistics or technical areas, but also to your individual work-force in all levels.

When fear, mistrust and self-doubt are players in the game it will not only effect your own strengths and those of your employees – the existing potentials are being cut to a fraction of their possible capacities. This can lead to failure for new projects that are essentially well thought out and promising, without it being obvious why.

However, if it is possible to advance the instrumental personalities to act on a level of courage, trust, confidence and affiliation these goals can be attained.  Successes will be achieved and existing potentials are being transformed into accomplishments.  Thereby momentum and engagement are being generated.

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