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Tapping application

Step 1 – working out the problem and defining the treatment sentence
including determination of how intense this emotion is on a scale from 0-10. Hereby you determine how much of a strain this is on you, whereas 10 is the highest possible strain. I.e. Problem: I am afraid of flying. Treatment sentence: my fear of flying.

Step 2 – breathing-balance-technique
Seat yourself comfortably stretch your legs straight and put your left foot over the right one. Now position your arms straight outward and cross your right arm over your left arm, turn your palms toward each other and “shake hands”. Pull your hands in this locked position downwards and in towards your chest. While breathing in deeply through your nose put your tongue up and touch your palate, breathing out through your nose your tongue goes back down. You think about “balance” (just say the word in your mind) and try not to think about anything. If thoughts come flooding in, just let them pass without giving them attention. This exercise serves us to balance our plus-minus-polarity in our body and synchronizes our right and left parts of our brain.

Step 3 – Activation of the Thymusgland
This gland is the centre of our life energy. You tap it in a rhythm like a calm heartbeat, either with a loose fist or four fingers (see chart TD). It is positioned ca. 7 cm below your collarbone. While tapping you repeat 5-6 times: “I love and believe, I trust, am thankful and brave”. These five notions are central indicators for a content and balanced life.

Step 4 –Massaging the healing point (HP),
Positioned ca. ten centimeters below the left side of your collar bone between the second and third rib (see chart). The healing point is so to speak our “washing machine for energetic waste”, whereby through rubbing it clockwise negative energy is diverted. You can use your flat hand and rub in circular fashion clockwise. At the same time the preparatory sentence is repeated three times (healing sentence) aloud. I.e. in case of fear of flying: “although I am afraid to fly, I deeply and truly accept myself the way I am.” Followed 3 x by: “although I might not deserve to loose this fear of flying, I deeply and truly accept myself the way I am”.

Step 5 – Tapping the 14 meridian points (see chart)
Points 1 through 11 are lightly tapped with your pointer or pointer and middle fingers together. While tapping your constantly repeat loudly the treatment sentence, which should define the problem as precise as possible. In our example it would be: “my fear of flying, my fear of flying…”.

Step 6 – back of the hand series
serves to intensify the treatment. Hereby the back of the hand point (HR), which is located between your pinky and the ringfinger on the back of your hand (see chart). Using four fingers of the other hand you lightly tap this area and while tapping you do as follows: close your eyes – open your eyes – now, without moving your head your look sharp down to the right, then sharp down to the left – now, again without moving your head you make a circle with your eyes (imagine a huge church clock in front of you) – now circle back again – close your eyes – hum any melody for 2-4 seconds – count down from 7 to 1 – hum again.

Step 7 – go back to your scale value you had before you started tapping.
If the intensity of your negative emotion didnīt go down, repeat Steps 4 to 7 and repeat 3 times: again our example of fear of flying: Healing sentence: “even though I still have some of my fear of flying, I truly and deeply love and accept myself the way I am”. Treatment sentence: “ my remaining fear of flying..”


Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridians are energy channels that run throughout our body carrying our life energy called Chi.

Using Tapping means tapping certain points along the meridians whereby our energy system is relieved of interference dynamisms, and gets stimulated, as well as harmonised.

This process results in a transformed state of feelings and awareness due to hormonal changes set in motion through tapping.

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