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Tapas Acupressure Technique, was developed by American acupuncturist Elizabeth Tapas Fleming. Tapas spent many years in an Ashram in India and later learned the art of acupuncture from a Chinese acupuncturist in whose family this art has been passed on uninterrupted within the family for five centuries. Originally Tapas had specialized in solely physical therapy, mainly allergies. She discovered about TAT not only working for physical dysfunctions but also the underlying psychological origins – often times a traumatic experience or an emotional burden – in treating a salt allergy.

In the course of treatment it was discovered that her client had been abused (raped) regularly as a child and afterwards always received a bag of chips. She was hardly able to relay this to Tapas. After treatment for the salt allergy she all of a sudden said that she had a feeling as if a huge stone was lifted from her chest and shoulders and she was able to think of these episodes without any emotional backdrop. She also said that she had never talked about this because she had felt tremendous guilt etc. which felt like she had been bound in the experience.

This experience caused Tapas to broaden her agenda and include psychotherapeutic treatments. She adjusted the treatment segments accordingly.

The treatment segments I apply in my practice are also a variation which developed through my own work with clients. In general it is identical to what Tapas provided, however I expanded some steps and others I combined into one.

Background-information about the effectiveness of TAT

TAT, like the MET tapping technique – is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which has its foundation in the knowledge about etherical energy channels. These energy channels – called meridians – that flow though our bodies and that are responsible for our energy supply, have in the meantime been scientifically proven.

The meridians run – similar to our nervous system – through our whole body and supply our muscles, organs and cells with energy, which the Chinese call Chi. If the course of Chi is disrupted or blocked at first we notice disturbances in our well-being, in the worst case physical ailments manifest.

Energetic techniques were developed to dissolve blockages that were caused by disturbances in the energy flow and to allow Chi to flow freely. This in turn re-establishes, strengthens and stabilizes our self-healing powers.

At this point I would like mention that – according to Einsteins discoveries – everything, even the smallest atom, consists of energy. This energy is what everything on our planet and in our universe has im common and which Einstein consequently had to refer to as “God”, since the origin of this energy couldnīt be attributed to any other source or named differently.

I, personally, mostly call this “universal energy”. You donīt even have to believe in it for TAT to work for you. However, what actually happens in the TAT position is, that we utilize this energy and get in direct contact with it.

In her work Tapas had already utilized the bladder-meridian, which is situated on either side of the nose, a bit above the tear-duct. However, here there is not only the bladder-meridian but this is also the meeting-point of all other meridians and there entrance-point into the brain. This implies that energetically all meridians are here in direct contact with the brain. Using either hand you put your thumb and ring finger to left and right of your nose, above the tear-duct, your middle finger in between your eye-brows, ca. 2-3 cm in the center of your forehead (on your third eye). By the way, this position is in many cases very helpful for headaches has has for many centuries been applied accordingly by Tai Chi Masters.
At the back of the head the visual part of the brain is situated. Through holding the hand in this position simultaneousely with the facial hand-setting a connection is made between the meeting and entrance point of the meridians into the brain and the ability to visualize.

TAT position for the 9th step, the integration

Both hands are positioned as follows: left hand to left ear, right hand to right ear. Hereby the pinky is placed at the most upper part of the connection between ear and head, the thumb at the lowest connection between ear and neck. The rest of the fingers are loosely positioned behind the ear. Your hands are now miming ear phones.

Scientific reasearch results show that during a TAT treatment neurotransmitters are released that are transfering information from cell to cell. These neurotransmitters are: Gamma-amino acid, glycine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, acetylcholine, dopamine an serotonin. After releasing these the body has to reproduce them individually. Therefore TAT shouldnīt be applied for more than 20 to 30 min. a day. To be able to discharge the released particles, one should drink 6-9 glasses of water during the day after a session.

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The TAT Position:

Facial hand-setting

Back of the head hand


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