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In this day and age conscious experience paired with an exclusive opportunity to shed old baggage I accompany individuals and travel groups as supporting coach.

My offer also includes seminar travels, at which different energetic methods are being applied in a playful yet integrative and lasting way.  Dissolving old emotional burdens paired with the objective to get a clear picture of how your life-path will continue – inside and out.

In cooperation with an excellent Swiss travelagency chiVital Health and Medical Travel these trips can be organized and carried through from A to Z.

ChiVital has specialized in offering health and medical travels for emotionally burdened individuals, as well as companies with a high responsibility for their employees who desire team-coaching. Their packages range from wellness and relaxation travels to intensive therapeutic ones.


A perfect co-operation regarding individual arrangements is thereby provided.

For bookings please contact me via e-mail or phone – I will make you an offer you canīt resist!

pictures of Bimini Dolphin Trip 2009

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